How to use Amazon to find the best gospel piano courses

How to use A to find the best gospel piano courses

How to use Amazon to find the best gospel piano courses You’ve heard of it. You use it. Perhaps you’re even a subscribed Prime member, just as over 100 million people are in the nation today. But, what you might not have known is you can use it for more than just getting the latest beauty and tech products delivered to your door. There is a whole untapped market to help you get your gospel piano playing skills to the next level, and we can’t wait to share it with you. And so, without further ado, keep reading to find out how to use to find some of the best next level gospel piano courses!

Resources for Beginner Gospel Piano Players!

If you’re just beginning to learn gospel piano playing, or even just piano playing in general, don’t fret! they can help you learn the basics of the necessary skills so that you won’t stay a beginner for long! Here we’ve itemized two of our favorite books for beginner gospel piano players on A.

1) Beginning Piano for Adults (with CD)


Rating: 4 Stars

Description: Although this book isn’t specifically geared toward gospel piano players, it is a great start if you are brand new to piano and are looking for a course designed to teach adults. The CD included with this purchase also makes it worthwhile, offering an interactive portion to your learning that many course books can’t compete with. So, if you’re looking for the bare basics, like proper hand placement, identifying notes on the keyboard, and learning chords, this is a great first stop on A for you!

2) How to Play Hymns and Gospel Songs in Evangelistic Style


Rating: 3.3 Stars

Description: This course book on A is a great option for the beginner gospel player who has basic piano knowledge (such as knowledge of chords) and is ready to take it to the next level! What we love about this book is that it progresses to a more and more challenging level as the book goes on. The first section of the book offers easier hymn arrangements, using only chords. But, as the book goes on, you’ll find the arrangements getting a little more difficult, to push you to the next level. That’s what makes this book the perfect choice for a gospel piano player who is just starting out, but has the discipline and desire to make themselves an intermediate player!

Resources for Intermediate Gospel Piano Players!

So, you’re an intermediate player! You’re not yet on the professional level, but you are also quite capable of reading music and would love the increase your skillset. If that sounds a lot like you, then keep reading below for our two gospel piano playing course books for intermediate players!

1) Worship Piano


Rating: 4.5 Stars

Description: Accompanied with an online song playback feature that lets you slow down songs, change keys, and more, you’re getting quite the bang for your buck with this intermediate gospel book. Not only was it written by esteemed gospel musician Bob Kauflin, but it’s also sure to take you to the next level of technique, teaching you skills like color tones and chord inversion. Comments from buyers in the rating section even mention that this book is a great choice for someone already skilled in piano, but looking for some help bringing that soulful, church-service appropriate aspect to their playing.

2) Mark Hayes for the Intermediate Pianist


Rating: 4.7 Stars

Description: While less course based and more arrangement based, this book is what we recommend for the self-motivated learner who would rather break down pieces for themselves in order to perfect their playing. Customers rave about how beautiful these arrangements sound, even though they can be mastered by the intermediate gospel piano player. So, if you’re ready to put some new, more challenging hymns in your repertoire, this is the book to buy!

Resources for Advanced Gospel Piano Players!

When it comes to advanced gospel players, odds are you are less in need of a course book and more so in need of intriguing, challenging arrangements. And so, these two books do just that!

1) Henry Slaughter Gospel Piano Course Books


Rating: 5 Stars

Description: When it comes to the old school gospel piano teachings, it doesn’t get better than Henry Slaughter. His collections of six course books have been around since 1969 and are still recommended today for someone hoping to learn and perfect older, more classical hymns and gospel songs. Additionally, he has six books in this series (listed above is Book 1 of 6), so if you enjoy the book above, you’ll be happy to know there are five others just like it out there to take your gospel piano playing to the next level!

2) Open My Heart to Worship by Mark Hayes


Rating: 4.5 Stars

Description: This book is great for someone looking for a more contemporary feel to their gospel music. Mark Hayes is well known and respected in the gospel music community, still offering performance tours where you can enjoy his soulful playing live. This course book is also great option if you’re looking for arrangements meant for one pianist, and possibly a singer as these hymns are purposefully arranged in keys suitable for vocal accompaniment.

Whichever book you choose, we thank you for letting us help you find the best course book to perfect your gospel piano playing on . Good luck and happy practicing!

How to use Amazon to find the best gospel piano courses

How to use Amazon to find the best gospel piano courses

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