Learn how to progress and take your piano playing to the next level


Learn how to progress and take your piano playing to the ext level

Some advance pointers to take note to push one to the next level:

1. Prioritize your practice time

Constant practice is very important for improvement. You need to prioritize a few hours weekly for your piano lesson. And make sure there is no disturbance during your practice. You should not tell yourself that you will practice when you have spare time as practicing the piano should be one of your priorities and not something you will do when you are free. If you can afford for some extra time to practice, that will be beneficial.

2. Improve sight reading

When you are practicing your sight reading, do not worry if you make mistake. Just play the piece from the start to finish using your best effort. Revise it a few times till you are familiarized. If you planning to join the band or orchestra, then sight reading is very important skill to pick up.

3. Learn to slow down

You may think that a good musician should play very quickly. But if you start missing notes then you should slow down and practice a few times till you get it correct. Once you are able to play the piece correctly at a slower pace, you may gradually increase your speed .

Learn how to progress and take your piano playing to the next level

4. Always challenge yourself You need to constantly push yourself to play more difficult piece in order to improve yourself. You can work with your instructor as he will know your strengths and weaknesses. He can help to select a piece that is slightly more difficult but not impossible

5. Set realistic goals

For us to improve ,we need to set goals to push ourselves. We need to set realistic goals, goals that can be done within our limits. Learning an instrument requires a lot of hard work, endless dedication and lots of practice. With an achievable goal in mind, it will motivate one to perform better towards one’s dream.

With the above pointers in mind constantly, one will progress and take piano playing to the next level with ease.


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