The importance of keeping a progress report as a piano student

The importance of keeping a progress report as a piano student

A report is a report that reflects work accomplished during a specific period of time. Besides recording the work done, it acts as an essential piece of formal feedback among the teacher, the parent and the student.

Teacher can make use of the report to record the progress and expectation of the student. In addition, he can suggest how the student can improve and advance at piano playing.

1. Parents are informed

Parents play a great part in the student’s progression. If they are not involved and supportive of their child’s practice at home, it will be hard to get acceptance. By keeping parents in the loop of the student’s progression, parents are likely to feel more confident in helping out and guiding their child.

2. A form of motivation for the student

Seeing the positive remarks written by the teacher in one’s study report is very motivating for the student. An assessment with encouraging remarks can make all the difference to his level of interest.

Student with improvement will definitely like their parents to be aware of their achievement and give him a word of praise. This will increase his self-esteem greatly.

3. Promote discipline

Once the student knows his progress is being recorded, he will be more disciplined, making sure that he progress according to plan. He will be more determined to work towards his goal and present his achievement to his parent.

4. Improve yourself as highlighted in action plan

A good study report records not just the student’s progress, it includes a action plan. If you

have successfully achieved your goal, use these skills on your next goal.

The importance of keeping a progress report as a piano student

If you fail, adjust yourself, reevaluate and reflect on your mistakes and make changes accordingly. Do not be afraid of making mistake. Bear in mind, all people fail along the way, but successful people will do something about their failure.

5. Learn to be positive

Student should take an objective view of his progress, identify the problem and develop solutions together with your piano teacher. Only then, one can learn from his mistake and move forward with confidence.

6. Problems will be highlighted along the way instead of at the end of the year

As study report is evaluating your progress at a shorter time frame instead of at the end of the year, any issues will be highlighted immediately and student will be able to deal with the problem and acts on it quickly without the need to wait at the end of the year. This will greatly improve the pace of learning.

7. A progress report will help you succeed

Study report is a great tool to help you achieve your goal in piano playing. From the advance report, if you understand the underlying reason why you do things, you are much more motivated to do things as planned to reach your goal. So, a written report will help you to succeed.

Lastly as a note, music teacher may like to make the written report informal and light, so it does not look like a school report card, thus not so intimidating to piano student.

The importance of keeping a progress report as a piano student

The importance of keeping a progress report as a piano student

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