Your First Time Learning About Playing Piano Today

Your First Time Learning About Playing Piano Today

The desire to learn to play the piano is a more sensible one, because playing the piano is musical brain jogging. It trains our brain and soothes mind and soul.

The piano is the instrument that is most versatile. Its sound is soothing and pleasant – without constant tuning or practice of the approach technique as with wind instruments. It is never too late to start “playing piano”

An often asked question. It is worth taking a closer look here, because whoever is more experienced also has more joy and success. follow the following steps

One of the things to keep in mind that learning how to play the piano is above all a performance of the brain and not just the fingers! This may be astonishing, if you see a good pianist’s fingers flicker over the keys and thinks, the fingers must be quite trained to become so nimble.

In fact, it is really the case that the greatest part of the learning performance is to store the movement sequences in the brain in such a way that they can also be called up quickly.

Here is the crack point – the computing power has to be sufficiently high and fast so that the playing is not slowed down or even stalled

playing piano

Learning all at once is a total challenge. However, much progress can be achieved over a long period of time. To start playing piano now, if a piece song is restarted, it is recommended to first determine the first melody phrase (this is often not more than about 1-2 bars).

If the first section is determined, the tones to be played can now be searched and played. In doing so, one literally proceeds from sound to sound without playing at a regular tempo.

As soon as the tones sit, the first section should now be played slowly but at a regular pace . It is very important that you play correctly. The basic rule to start playing piano now is to play correctly at least 3x in succession . Any mistake that is now being played is also a little practiced.

The brain now stores everything that is repeated. It is therefore worth to be really stubborn here and not to allow yourself to play too fast and thus make some mistakes. Many of my students have already made the positive but also the negative experience

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